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Top Questions

What will my first session be like?

You will be greeted and asked to fill out an intake form, and if you need a drink or to use the restroom.  We will go over your intake together and I will have a consultation with you so we can best deduce the best plan to get you to your goals.  You do not need to bring special clothing to your appointment as you will be undressed for a massage service, or you may be wearing a gown for certain skin care services.  The therapist will leave the room after you are asked to undress to your comfort level, and to get underneath the sheet and blanket.  Some choose to leave their undergarments on, some do not, either way is totally fine.  Only whichever body part is being worked on at the time will be undraped and at no point should you feel exposed.  If you are too uncomfortable to get undressed, we can work something out. 

After a session, it is normal to sometimes feel a bit light-headed for a minute after getting up off the table.   Some people feel very relaxed and like taking a nap, some people feel energized.  You should stay hydrated and stay away from excessive alcohol following your session.  If you had deep work done, it is normal to sometimes experience "delayed onset muscle soreness" such as you would after a hard work-out.  Massage produces lactic acid like exercise does, for only three times the price of a monthly gym membership!  Stay hydrated, eat your greens, maybe take an ibuprofen if that's how you roll.  It will pass and you'll feel better after the fact.  

Do you treat patients with severe health problems?

The short answer is yes, with your doctor's authorization. 

Massage is completely contraindicated for the following conditions: 
-Skin disease
-Contagious illness

-Pitting edema

You will need to speak to your doctor if you are in treatment for:



-Kidney disease/stones

-High/low blood pressure

This is not an exhaustive list.  If you have any doubts, PLEASE consult your doctor.

How should I prepare for my massage?

Not much.  Be hydrated!  Please arrive clean.  Deodorant is fine but please be aware that your therapist is allergic to perfume.  You may be asked to rinse off if you are wearing a fragrance, including some lotions.  Arrive at your appointment time, there is no need to be early.  You may want to silence your cellphone so that you can focus on yourself during your session.

I don't care if you didn't shave, please don't worry about it.

Is Wix sitebuilder broken?

Yes.  It demands that I have a fourth question here or else the entire page breaks.  So here you are until I can think of another question I get asked often.